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Test drive
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 12:27 pm    Post subject: Test drive Reply with quote

Well I am finally on the cusp, after lurking here for several months
and posting infrequently we (myself, the interior decorating police
and the two soccer monsters) took out a 2002 LX on Saturday. I had
driven the 2001 back in the winter and was very impressed, somehow the
the 2002 was much more impressive yesterday (probably because it was
an LX not the DX I had driven before combined with the six months of
darkness having receeded here in the Great White North Wink ). Anyway
we really liked it the soccer monsters liked the sliding seats and the
tinted glass (cause it gets pretty bright in our car when you have
your eyes open and look out the windows I drive around with
my eyes shut...well I do drive like I have my eyes shut but only cause
I have very low driving skiz...oh well).
This rambling all means that the end is near and this week we will
have a new MPV LX probably with the trailer package. Does any one
have any advice (read pricing info) that I can consider? What about
other advice or tips or great dealerships North of Toronto?
Lastly, hte soccer monsters noticed that they had rear heating ducts
blowing cool air on them when we drove, now the test drive vehicle had
the rear air, although I drove with it off (since I am not getting the
rear air) does any one with out rear air know if these rear seat
heating ducts are on the MPV without rear air? I am specifically
interested in the ducts by the floor? I am assuming that the roof
ducts are only on rear air cars, is this right.
Thanks a lot for any advice or feedback, hope to have earned my MPV
"wings" by the long weekend (July 1st for you folks in the south and
Thanks and regards
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 4:05 pm    Post subject: Test drive Reply with quote

I checked out 2 dealerships (Avante Mazda, just north of Elgin Mills
on Yonge, & Markham Mazda, Hwy7 west of McCowan) while shopping for
our van. Both quoted the MSRP but the salesman (Ray) at the Markham
dealership seemed more eager to make a sale, & I felt I stood a better
chance at getting a good price on LX. The discount we got is worked
into the trade-in value of our Honda, & I estimate it to be approx.
$1500-2000 discount. There are a few web-sites around that you could
join to get Canadian invoice pricing. The package from costs $20+GST . Unfortunately I only came across
this info after we bought the van, & didn't have the advantage of
knowing the invoice $. Our salesman Ray was quite helpful & was
always responsive whenever I called (even after we picked up the van &
complained of sulphur, burning smell, etc.). Plus we got some freebies
like touch-up paint, zoom-zoom stickers, & a bucket of car wash
accessories. So in general, our van buying experience wasn't too bad.
We got the rear air package (includes front side airbags. I think in
Canada, rear air also implies rear heat since we have hot/cold
controls in the back, plus we don't have a 4 seasons pkg available to
us) & as such, I am not a 100% sure if rear floor ducts are present on
the std LX, but I think it is. In fact, I think I recall seeing
overhead ducts & fan control (but no hot/cold) in the rear of a std
LX, but I could be wrong.
Hope this helps, & that I'm not too late (been busy the past couple of
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