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Start off by heading west into town
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2022 8:19 pm    Post subject: Start off by heading west into town Reply with quote

You're looking for WoTLK Classic Gold red villagers like this one.

Start off by heading west into town, and meet the first acolyte on the path. Continue on into the village itself and you'll see another acolyte next to a villager chopping wood. Deal with the footman to the right when he attacks you. Your ghouls have a useful ability called cannibalize that lets them munch down on corpses to rapidly regain hit points. After you kill the footman, make sure to have the ghouls use this ability to heal up, and remember to use it in future skirmishes throughout the mission. Now, liberate the acolyte, and notice that the blue villager runs and calls for help when you get near him. All of them will react this way, so it's best not to even get near them. If you have no choice, though, make sure to slaughter a screaming villager as quickly as possible before he brings guards to your location.

Continue west, stopping for the acolyte above the path and receiving information about your optional quest, the graveyard. Cross the water and you'll gain access to a shade, an invisible World of Warcraft unit that's useful for scouting. The next part is fairly tricky, and you'll have to make full use of the shade to get through it unscathed. Have the shade follow the movements of the soldiers that patrol around the stables, and then have Arthas and the ghouls follow behind at a safe distance so as not to alert them. Make sure to keep moving the shade along to keep track of the guards' position, and walk Arthas around to claim the two acolytes on the sides. When you've got them, head north, making the shade move ahead of your other units to reveal nearby buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold units. Instead of plunging through the gate ahead, which is heavily guarded, walk through the shallow water andthe town through the trees, where there's a break in the wall on the far left.
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